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OPtHA Awards Banquet will be on Feb. 6, 2016 at the Albany Golf and Event Center in Albany.

2015 Spring Spectacular Results

Spring Spectacular Super Horse:
Heidi Ebner / Slightly Underrated

Saddle Type Horse:
CH. Angela Burckhard / MI Stripes Are Wild
Res. Vonnie Thompson / El Santo

Hunter Type Horse:
Ch. Ashley Goolsby / Fancy My Opinion
Res.Carrie Averill / I Before E

Pleasure Type Horse:
CH. Angela Nemjo / Go Bey Be Go
Res. Sony Miller / Keyanu

Stock Type Horse:
Ch. Heidi Ebner / Slightly Underrated
Res.Sheryl Parrot / Ima Scribbled Jet

Sr. Horse:
Ch. Heidi Ebner / Slightly Underrated
Res.Ashley Goolsby / Fancy My Opinon

Jr. Horse:
Ch. Kristin Tharp / Kiss My Foxy Eight
Res. DeeAnn Smith / Whos All That

Youth Walk Trot:
Ch. Nicole Yates / Good To Be Riley

Youth 13 & Under:
Ch, Ella Storch / WR Elegant Detail

Youth 14 - 18:
Ch. Cammi Benson / Image On The Rocks
Res. Kerry McCarthy / Chippen Hearts Afire

Jr, Amateur:
Ch. Heidi Ebner / Slightly Underrated
Res. Charleen Gust / A Classy Sensation

Sr./Elite Amateur:
Ch, Chelby Proctor / Lets Get Ready To Parte
Res. Jayna Roberts / Word On The Street

Walk Trot Amateur:
Ch. Lois Rogers / Party Sensation
Res. Kathy Farmer Bryant / Two Times Fancy

Miniature Horse 34" & Under:
Ch. Joni Osborn / Wins Alots Arch Angel Gabriel
Res. Cherie Smith / Casino Gold Miss Perfection

Miniature Horse Over 34" - 38"
Ch, Christy Riley Weaver / CLC Color Coordinated
Res. Joni Osborn / Honeydews Pride & Joy Wins A Lot

Ch. Brenda Karnoski / Crown Point Latte
Res. Tina Wolf / Ballroom Blitz

Amateur. Pony Miniature:
Ch, Benda Karnoski / Crown Point Latte
Res. Joni Osborn / SMHCS Fabulous Mirage

Youth Pony / Mini:
Ch. Courtney Helgeson / Farmyard Frolic Rhinestone Cowboy
Res.Klair Thomas / Desires Fancy Legacy

Novice Youth:
Ch ,Ella Storch / WR Elegant Detail
Res.Kaylee Gibeau / Sho N Up N Style

Novice Amateur:
Ch. DeeAnn Smith / Whos All That
Res.Gibson Reid / JZA Gunna Zip It

Solid Registry:
Ch. Kim White / JZA Francine
Res. Annie Kamperman / Zippin On Goodlove

Ch. Linda Hancock / American Trooper
Res. Linda Hancock / American Sterling

Ch. Kim White / JZA Francine
Res. Moon / Marcus Irving

Thank You Spring Spectacular Sponsors:
  • Ken & Debbie Waite
  • Shawna Self
  • Sandra Bryant
  • Kathy Howe Training Stables
  • Norm & Sue Helgeson
  • Ann Ebner
  • Lynn Honey
  • Cecelia Anderson
  • Susan Norman
  • Gary & Connie Moore
  • Jody Chadim
  • Kathy Farmer Bryant
  • Pat & Rose Berger
  • Jessica Kimball
  • Mike, Lisa & Kerry McCarthy
  • Silver Creek Animal Clinic, Dr Mike Stewart
  • Mike & Sony Miller

  • Spring Show High Point Awards

    K Bar J Leather Company of Newell, SD is providing the Spring Show Point Awards. Here is a link to their website: