OPtHA Upcoming Shows

Mark your calendar for the following shows:

♦   OPtHA Show, July 29 - 31
    @ Linn County Fair & Expo Center, Albany Oregon
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♦   OPtHA Spooktacular, October 28 - 30
    @ Linn County Fair & Expo Center, Albany Oregon

Spring Points Posted

We have posted the pending points on the website. For correction, please email Judy at jah97071@aol.com with "OPtHA Points" in the subject line so your email is not overlooked.

Click to view Points Pdf or click the "Points/Results" button in the menu for the points page.

2016 Oregon Pinto Back Numbers

Attention Exhibitors, If you are interested in bidding/buying a 2016 Oregon Pinto back number please contact Tina Bell 503-351-8431 or tinab@web-ster.com or you can fb message Tina.