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OPtHA Spooktacular - Oct. 9 - 11, 2015 - Patterns are POSTED! - Click Here to get all the info you need for the show.
OPtHA Annual Meeting will be held on Nov. 7, 2015 - Social Hour @ 11:30 AM; Lunch @ 12:30 with meeting to follow - Albany Golf and Event Center in Albany
OPtHA Awards Banquet will be on Feb. 6, 2016 at the Albany Golf and Event Center in Albany.

2015 Spring Spectacular Results

Spring Spectacular Super Horse:
Heidi Ebner / Slightly Underrated

Saddle Type Horse:
CH. Angela Burckhard / MI Stripes Are Wild
Res. Vonnie Thompson / El Santo

Hunter Type Horse:
Ch. Ashley Goolsby / Fancy My Opinion
Res.Carrie Averill / I Before E

Pleasure Type Horse:
CH. Angela Nemjo / Go Bey Be Go
Res. Sony Miller / Keyanu

Stock Type Horse:
Ch. Heidi Ebner / Slightly Underrated
Res.Sheryl Parrot / Ima Scribbled Jet

Sr. Horse:
Ch. Heidi Ebner / Slightly Underrated
Res.Ashley Goolsby / Fancy My Opinon

Jr. Horse:
Ch. Kristin Tharp / Kiss My Foxy Eight
Res. DeeAnn Smith / Whos All That

Youth Walk Trot:
Ch. Nicole Yates / Good To Be Riley

Youth 13 & Under:
Ch, Ella Storch / WR Elegant Detail

Youth 14 - 18:
Ch. Cammi Benson / Image On The Rocks
Res. Kerry McCarthy / Chippen Hearts Afire

Jr, Amateur:
Ch. Heidi Ebner / Slightly Underrated
Res. Charleen Gust / A Classy Sensation

Sr./Elite Amateur:
Ch, Chelby Proctor / Lets Get Ready To Parte
Res. Jayna Roberts / Word On The Street

Walk Trot Amateur:
Ch. Lois Rogers / Party Sensation
Res. Kathy Farmer Bryant / Two Times Fancy

Miniature Horse 34" & Under:
Ch. Joni Osborn / Wins Alots Arch Angel Gabriel
Res. Cherie Smith / Casino Gold Miss Perfection

Miniature Horse Over 34" - 38"
Ch, Christy Riley Weaver / CLC Color Coordinated
Res. Joni Osborn / Honeydews Pride & Joy Wins A Lot

Ch. Brenda Karnoski / Crown Point Latte
Res. Tina Wolf / Ballroom Blitz

Amateur. Pony Miniature:
Ch, Benda Karnoski / Crown Point Latte
Res. Joni Osborn / SMHCS Fabulous Mirage

Youth Pony / Mini:
Ch. Courtney Helgeson / Farmyard Frolic Rhinestone Cowboy
Res.Klair Thomas / Desires Fancy Legacy

Novice Youth:
Ch ,Ella Storch / WR Elegant Detail
Res.Kaylee Gibeau / Sho N Up N Style

Novice Amateur:
Ch. DeeAnn Smith / Whos All That
Res.Gibson Reid / JZA Gunna Zip It

Solid Registry:
Ch. Kim White / JZA Francine
Res. Annie Kamperman / Zippin On Goodlove

Ch. Linda Hancock / American Trooper
Res. Linda Hancock / American Sterling

Ch. Kim White / JZA Francine
Res. Moon / Marcus Irving

Thank You Spring Spectacular Sponsors:
  • Ken & Debbie Waite
  • Shawna Self
  • Sandra Bryant
  • Kathy Howe Training Stables
  • Norm & Sue Helgeson
  • Ann Ebner
  • Lynn Honey
  • Cecelia Anderson
  • Susan Norman
  • Gary & Connie Moore
  • Jody Chadim
  • Kathy Farmer Bryant
  • Pat & Rose Berger
  • Jessica Kimball
  • Mike, Lisa & Kerry McCarthy
  • Silver Creek Animal Clinic, Dr Mike Stewart
  • Mike & Sony Miller

  • Spring Show High Point Awards

    K Bar J Leather Company of Newell, SD is providing the Spring Show Point Awards. Here is a link to their website: