Changed General Meeting & 1st/2nd President Election is Feb 10 - See notice below.

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2015 Banquet

Location: Albany Golf & Event Center, Albany Or
Date: February 28th 2015
Time: Open at Noon Food - Served at 1 pm
Menu: Buffet Style Brunch - ADULTS $18 - CHILDREN 12 & UNDER $10
Reservation Form: [Click Here]

  • Bring silent auction items to benefit sector directors
  • Stall Bingo-Winner to get free stall!!
  • 50/50 Raffle
  • Don't forget to bring door prize

  • RSVP and mail in your Reservation by February 18th.

    Election Notice

    Feb 10: OPtHA Meetings - 1st/2nd President election and Show Committee @ 6:00 pm and General @ 7:00 pm at "Ebner Custom Meats" (272 N Grant Street | Canby, OR 97013 | Ph (503) 266-5678)

    Our President for 2015 had sent a letter of resignation to the OPtHA BOD citing family reasons that will not enable her to fulfill the duties of President. Our 1st Vice President for 2015 was holding 2 seats on the BOD as Past President and 1st Vice President. The 1st Vice President also sent a letter of resignation to the OPtHA BOD as 1st Vice President and will be keeping the seat as Past President. Our 2nd Vice President for 2015 ascended to fill the vacant President seat per our By Laws.

    Therefore, per Article III, Sec. 305 - Vacancies - In the event of a vacancy in the office of President, the 1st Vice President shall at once succeed to the duties of such office. The 2nd Vise President shall at once succeed to the duties of 1st Vice president. An election shall be held at the next general meeting for the office of 2nd Vice president and any other vacant office. Notice of such contemplated election shall be given in writing to all members in good standing 30 days prior to the election. In filling any vacancy, an officer must resign from his present office when accepting a favorable election to another office. All officers succeeding or elected to officers prescribed in this section shall immediately be installed into the respective office. Vacancies in any other office may be filled by appointment by the president.

    This special election to fill the vacant seats for 1st and 2nd Vice President will be held at the next meeting of the OPtHA. To fulfill the 30 day prior notification requirement, The next meeting of OPtHA will be the 2nd Tuesday in February, February 10, 2015.

    Nominations for 1st Vice President
    Ann Ebner
    Kathy Howe Drysdale
    Anne Monteith
    Rosemary Verenkamp
    Theresa Peltier

    Nominations for 2nd Vice President
    Anne Monteith
    Maridi Pletcher
    Ann Ebner
    Theresa Peltier

    The BOD realize that not all members are on FB, and an email request notifying members of the special election and new meeting date has been sent to Theresa Anderson. If you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to Debbie Waite or any other OPtHA Board Member for clarification.

    Jean Howard Secretary, OPtHA

    Reminder from Theresa Anderson: In Order to vote, your membership must be current and paid for by January 10, 2015.

    We Need Photos!

    We are looking for Photos of your pintos doing anything - youth rides, trail rides, shows or fun! We are looking for photos to post on Northwest Youth Pinto Facebook. Please email your photos to
    No guarantee that all photos will be used, we appreciate your help :)